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Ena Kakuta / Sketch-motion Creator

Ena was born in Tokyo, Japan, and spent childhood in New York.

After graduated from Japanese University, she works at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, USA.

This experience was a source of her inspiration to start a freelance Sketch-motion creator.

She handles the whole story, from story making, illustration, shooting, music selection and editing.

Currently, she is receiving requests from company product commercials and also individual customers as wedding movies and child's birthday movies.

"LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE", this is what Ena wants to tell from her artwork.

Now She has produced movies for a lot of companies.(ex; Japan Air Lines / Fashion magazine "BAILA" /"JJ"/  ReFa / NTTcommunications / KAO / Shochiku"Shinjuku-Piccadilly"...)


幼少期をNYで過ごし、アメリカにてWalt Disney Worldでの就業経験を経て、



Ena Kakuta一人によって、ストーリー考案、イラスト、撮影、曲選、編集の全てを手掛けられている。













・NTTコミュニケーションズ《OCN モバイル ONE》